5 Coconut Oil Benefits You Must Know

When it comes to foods, there is quite a number that you can choose from. But you also need to cook your food in order to make it tasty. Many people have struggled to know the benefits of coconut oil. In this write-up, you’ll learn about coconut oil benefits that you have never thought of.

Here are the 5 proven healthy advantages of using coconut oil.

1. Burns Fat

One of the major benefits of taking coconut oil is that it will help in the burning of excessive fat in the body. Remember that the World Health Organization warns that obesity is a major problem in the world over. Many people who are overweight usually have huge fat deposits in their bodies. Coconut oil can help burn the fats leaving the individual with the ideal body fat. It is true that calories are responsible for the weight gain, but the question is, what is their source? By using coconut oil, you’ll increase the chances of burning excessive fat.

2. Reduces Cravings

It is true that coconut oil can aid in reducing the hunger. The effect is that you won’t have the urge to eat more food. If anything, your body will only require what is necessary. Ketones, which are responsible for breaking down fats, will help in reducing one’s appetite to consume food. To prove this, a study involving 14 men who are healthy, was conducted. The number of these men who consumed large amounts of MCTs during their first meal of the day, breakfast, only asked for very few calories during the lunch-time serving. It is appropriate to conclude that fatty acids that are found in coconut oil can help reduce one’s appetite.

3. Kills Harmful Micro-Organisms

Close to 50 percent of the fatty acids that are in the coconut oil contain 12-carbon lauric acid. Once a person digests this acid, the body produces monolaurin, which together with lauric acid, help remove or kill harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses. For instance, it is proven that the two have the ability to kill Candida albicans, which is responsible for causing yeast infection and Staphylococcus aureus perceived to be a dangerous pathogen.

4. Help Reduce Seizures

Who can argue that seizures are not stressful? In some cultures, a person who is invested in seizures does not have friends. But now if you develop a routine of consuming coconut oil, seizures will be a history. A great percentage of Ketogenic diet that is derived from the coconut oil is currently monitored by researchers. Preliminary reports indicate that it is effective in the treatment of epilepsy in young children especially the type of epilepsy that has developed resistance to drugs.  According to researchers, the diet is not hard to follow. They say that children and adults who want to fight this type of epilepsy must be ready to consume very minimal amounts of carbohydrates but double or even triple their fat intake. In turn, they will boost ketone concentration in their blood.  The same researchers even say that they have seen children reduce seizures even if there were no initial reports of their condition developing drug resistance.

5. Protects Skin, Hair, Improves Dental Health

Regular consumption of coconut oil will help strengthen certain essential body members. Some of the body organs that have been adversely mentioned in line with the benefits of taking coconut oil include human hair, the skin, and teeth. No wonder, there are many companies that produce cosmetic and beauty products, which are filled with extracts from coconut oil.  Recent studies show that people who had dry skin had profound changes on their skins after applying skin creams that contain coconut oil extracts. Upon application, their skin remained moisturized for the better part of the day.  Besides, beauty products with sufficient coconut oil extracts help in the reducing of eczema symptoms. Coconut oil is also known to be a remedy for hair loss. This especially touches on the hair that is on the skin because researchers confirm that if you apply coconut oil to your skin, you’ll reduce the harmful ultraviolet rays by 20 percent. When used as a mouthwash, coconut oil can help in the killing of harmful bacteria that are found inside the mouth. This is turn reduces bad breath and improves dental health.


Hitherto, there are many coconut oil benefits. With these 6 proven benefits, it is time for you to include it in your diet. If you have been taking it, you do not need to stop. Instead, you need to increase the portion.